Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Many Hats?

How many hats can one person wear? Wife, mother, daughter, caregiver, accountant, travel agent, housekeeper,laundress, nurse, etc. etc. I am constantly going – literally morning, noon, and night. No time for a workout. Sleep? That’s something I seem to get in snatches.

On March 5, I flew home with my mother. I took her straight to the airport from the nursing home. Why? I feared that if she returned to her old environment she would refuse to come with me. Mom agreed with the plan. We had one plane change in Denver. I must say, Frontier Airlines does a great job when it comes to assisting disabled passengers, especially at Denver International Airport.

My work is constant, there’s always something to do. Call Medicare. Call Mom’s doctor. Answer the phone. Mom needs toothpaste. Run to the grocery store and then to Mom’s place. Work. I find myself falling asleep on the computer keyboard at work and at home. No room for sleep.

So who am I? Am I the myriad roles I take? Am I the jobs I do? It’s all a blur. No time to reflect. Even now, I am writing this as I wait in Detroit airport for my flight that will eventually take me back to San Diego and then Chula Vista. Shoshannah, Fox, Barry, and Wolfgang are all meeting there to clean and pack Mom’s stuff. Wow is there a lot of stuff!


  1. Mom,

    I understand how you feel. I may not have as many roles as you do, but my list fairs rather high. Wife, musician, teacher, law firm administrator, bankruptcy clerk, accountant, etc. I never have time to clean and sleep is hard enough with the complications of pain. On top of all my regular responsibilities I have to prepare my on bankruptcy petition. And now flying to California to help with the family matter. This is a rough road and no other way of saying that. I'm sorry there is such a burden on you. Hang in there and we'll both make it through this.

  2. Thank you, nightsun. Words cannot express how much you are helping me.